Cegedim and Sanofi announce innovative collaboration

Boulogne-Billancourt, May 21st 2019

Samir Dhalla

Cegedim has announced an unparalleled European collaboration with Sanofi, delivering Real World Data to improve health.

Cegedim, an innovative technology company and established medical data expert, announced in May that it will provide Sanofi with Real World Data powered by our proprietary THIN database.

Our state-of-the-art database, which is updated daily, is fully anonymised in compliance with the current data protection laws and hosted on certified servers of personal health records, complying with the international OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership) standards. 

A unique 360° vision of the patient journey

The unprecedented data from THIN, coupled with strong support from the Cegedim Health Data experts, will drive improvements in patient care for Sanofi’s numerous therapeutic areas. This joint venture aims to accelerate a digital healthcare revolution within Europe, and form a 360° view of the patient journey by combining precise digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, with accurate data to better understand patient experiences.

With this strategic partnership, Cegedim confirms its position as a trusted healthcare data stakeholder and aims to accelerate the digital revolution in European health.

Jean-Claude Labrune, Cegedim Chairman and CEO, said, “This historic collaboration with one of the global pharmaceutical industry’s leaders is proof of our European expertise on real world data and our ability to make it “actionable”. The depth of the history and robustness of the THIN data have led to more than 600 scientific articles”.

About Cegedim Health Data

Cegedim Health Data is a key European healthcare data expert in Real World Data & Evidence, sales data, visualisation tools and services for patient care.

Cegedim Health Data provides fully anonymized, longitudinal patient data, to enable innovation in patient care. Our proprietary data is used by leading health authorities, academics, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations.

Cegedim Health Data is present in Belgium, France, Romania, Spain, and the UK and will soon launch in Italy and Germany.

To learn more, visit: and follow Cegedim Health Data on LinkedIn: LinkedIn

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